Core Services Offered

Because most technology companies are not investment ready when we first work with them, Accelerant'sTM entrepreneurial services span the Evaluation/Improvement, Investment Readiness and Post-Investment stages of development. The range of assistance provided in these three stages is as follows:

Origination Stage Services:

Services at the origination stage are designed to generate qualified deal flow in our areas of technology focus. These activities include evaluation support for research institutions to assess, evaluate and curate deal flow based on their technology; evaluation of opportunities brought to us by private co-investors to advance opportunities they have found; and support for general networking and educational events to increase public awareness of support available to entrepreneurs in our region.

Evaluation/Improvement Stage Services:

In this stage of engagement AccelerantTM evaluates and shapes an opportunity to ensure it is on an investable path. Business services at this point include intellectual property evaluation and strategy, product strategy, concept/market/price validation, business model definition/optimization, and organizational design/gap analysis. In many cases ideas come to us that require significant refinement before being investment ready. In other cases, ideas are simply not viable as envisioned and founders/entrepreneurs are able to discover and adapt/abandon the concept accordingly.

Going forward, AccelerantTM is working on new deal flow collaboration opportunities with regional organizations that will help build regional strengths in advanced materials, technology products for the growing aging population, health care informatics and IT, and technologies emerging from pediatric hospitals. All of these initiatives will leverage our service and investment platform to advance local opportunities and import opportunities from across the country.

Investment Readiness Stage Services:

In this stage of engagement AccelerantTM works with concepts/ideas that are ready for the next stage of development and require investment. AccelerantTM services to the entrepreneur at this stage include legal formation/organization, business/financial plan definition, capitalization planning, talent recruiting, director recruiting, investor recruitment, presentation reviews/assistance and general education on the legal and financial elements required to raise outside capital.

In addition to providing these services to entrepreneurs, at this stage AccelerantTM typically provides the following to co-investors: shared legal, intellectual property and financial diligence, background checks and reference checks for founders/key management, negotiation of terms, legal process management and investment closing and general coordination of the investment process. By providing these services AccelerantTM is able to motivate a broad variety of private investors to invest in regional companies that they normally would not have the experience or resources to pursue.


When AccelerantTM Entrepreneurs in Residence's complete the Investment Readiness Stage, they work with the entrepreneurs to write an Executive Summary Business Plan and help them create a Pitch Presentation. The Entrepreneurs then go before the funding board and a decision is reached about providing seed funding for the new start-up company.

Post-Investment Stage Services:

In this stage of engagement, AccelerantTM continues to work with portfolio companies to ensure progress against milestones, raise additional capital and deal with the myriad issues that arise in start-up company development. Specific services for portfolio companies include market/customer access assistance, advisor/director recruitment, capital formation (additional seed, venture and strategic), technical and executive recruiting, and continued assistance in strategy/business model/financial performance. These services are also of great value to many co-investors who depend on AccelerantTM to represent their interests and serve as the principal advocate for growing and maintaining the company in the region.