Seed Stage Investments

AccelerantTM provides capital in the form of Convertible Debt to assist entrepreneurs in the implementation of their commercialization strategies and plans. Investments are made as based on milestones reached by the portfolio companies. These seed stage investments are all approved by Accelerant'sTM independent Board of Advisors. Accelerant'sTM team members assist entrepreneurs in preparing the start-up company’s Business Plan and the company’s presentation to the board. In addition, AccelerantTM will seek outside individuals or venture organizations to co-invest in the new company.

Maintaining Your Confidentiality

Your right to privacy is very important to AccelerantTM.

AccelerantTM recognizes that when you choose to provide information about yourself and your business, you trust it to use the information solely for the purposes intended.

In general, when you visit the Accelerant'sTM web site and access information, you remain anonymous and no personal information is requested or stored. However, there are occasions where AccelerantTM will request information such as your e-mail or mailing address.

Accelerant'sTM will not provide any of your personal information to other companies or individuals without your permission.

It may, however, provide such information to its contractors in relation to this site or to its operations. Accelerant'sTM will take appropriate steps to protect your privacy in relation to your use of its Web site.

This site may provide links to third-party sites. Since AccelerantTM does not control such linked sites, you should review the privacy policies of these third-party sites.

Due to the rapidly changing environment of the Internet, this policy may be updated. All revisions will be posted to this site.

Investment Confidentiality Policy

AccelerantTM relies critically on its reputation, which is based in turn on its ability to operate with integrity. This includes maintaining appropriate confidentiality in regard to investment opportunities.

However, as is the case with most venture capital firms, AccelerantTM does not sign confidentiality agreements until it has decided to enter full due diligence phase. This is primarily because these agreements often preclude basic operations such as due diligence, funding other organizations that might do something similar, and introducing two entrepreneurs in the same field. Therefore, please do not disclose any confidential information or intellectual property in your application.

AccelerantTM believes the protection of intellectual property is a vital component of a successful startup. Intellectual property encompasses not only patents, copyrights and trademarks but also trade secret information such as financial information, customer lists, marketing strategies, recipes, formulas and other information you believe derives independent economic value.

It should also be noted that careless disclosure of intellectual property may result in your losing legal rights to such ideas. AccelerantTM therefore encourages you to seek legal counsel from an experienced intellectual property attorney regarding your valuable ideas before disclosing them to AccelerantTM or any other entity.

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