Accelerant Fund I (AFI)

Accelerant Fund I (AFI) is a Dayton Region focused $9.5M, 10-year seed-stage venture fund. AFI has received notice of matching funds from the Ohio Third Frontier Entrepreneurial Signature Program. AFI will invest in approximately 15-20 new companies in the Dayton region over the next three years providing economic vitality, job growth, and the attraction of outside capital to the region.

Accelerant Fund I Description Summary:

• A traditional 10 year venture fund focused on seed-stage investments in the Dayton Region.

• The focus of AFI is to simultaneously earn an attractive ROI and support entrepreneurial activities in the region which will contribute to the Dayton region’s economic growth

• Fund Size: $9.5M

• Most portfolio investments will be made via Convertible Debt

• Target Return: The goal of the fund is to achieve a Cash-on-Cash return rate of 2X to 3X, which would equal an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of approximately 15%-25%.

• Invest in ~15-20 new start-up companies in the region

• Investments are in scalable technology companies in markets (Advanced Materials/Advanced Manufacturing, Sensors, Healthcare, IT, Aerospace, and Situational Awareness/Surveillance Systems) that are at least $250M in size

• Fund managed by Accelerant/DDC, with the assistance of an independent advisory board 

• AFI to have board seat in all new investments

• Outside venture co-investments required for each new start-up company and LPs are encouraged (but not required) to make sidecar investments

• LPs encouraged to be on Advisory Boards for new start-up companies