Dayton Region Signature Fund (DRSF)

The $13.5 M Dayton Region Signature Fund launched in 2007. The fund obtained an investment through the Entrepreneurial Signature Program grant from the Ohio Third Frontier Commission in addition to funds raised through local organizations, foundations, and investors. Since 2007, a total of 34 investments have been made in technology-based entrepreneurial companies in the Dayton Region. There have been 10 successful exits from the fund, and there are 15 active portfolio companies still working to achieve success. As of the December 2013 Valuation, the fund’s expected return potential is 152% of the investment for the Limited Partners and results to date exceed those obtained by other benchmark funds raised at the same time.

To-date, the Entrepreneurial Signature Program has generated 558 initial jobs through creation and retention efforts from its portfolio clients. Subsequently, there have been 123 direct jobs created, 21 indirect jobs, and 269 induced jobs (created as a result of increased customer spending).

Below are the companies in the Dayton Region Signature Fund portfolio and those companies that have exited the fund.

Active Companies
Exited Companies


Active DRSF Portfolio Companies


Adisco, Inc. is located in the National Composite Center, the company manufactures plastic fabrication and precision machining. Entrepreneur Richard Koczera has developed a manufacturing device called the K-column that ultimately increases efficiencies in the workplace. Unlike other manufacturing devices on the market, the K-column is specifically designed for use in horizontal milling and allows f or precision cutting with less scrap. The device reduces machining costs and allows a more efficient use of time.

C.A.L.S. Ltd. has developed an advanced material that is used in the production of molded urethane foam cores. The material is used in a variety of fields, including the thermal insulation and post-sales automotive market. This unique material provides superior advantages, including: almost 0% shrinkage during molding process, significant cost reduction in production, excellent conductive and thermal properties, higher durability, and has superior bonding properties with other materials, including fiberglass and carbon laminate skins.

Cambium Technologies offers home healthcare tools that allow clinicians, family members, and patients the ability to provide quality care in the home environment versus the traditional hospital and acute care facilities. Through a series of user-friendly home care modules f or various health issues, the company’s tool uses multi-media applications to walk caregivers and patients through steps to care f or themselves at home. The modules also have mobile accessibility and can be downloaded through the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems.

Commuter Advertising, Inc. creates, manages, and sells short (5-15 second) audio advertisements on trains and buses in partnership with local transit agencies. Advertisements are triggered by GPS coordinates (location-based) and play on existing enunciation systems required by the federal government so advertisers can pick places along transit routes where they want to play a message. The unique technology developed by Commuter Advertising includes StopMap™ and StopScheduler™, two tools used to identify and schedule advertising opportunities along a transit route.

Composite Technical Services, LLC produces customizable, high-performance bio-resins through a unique process that extracts phenolic resin from cashew nut shell oils, replacing the traditional petroleum based phenolic resin process. The bio-resins are used in various composite and foam materials, moisture resistant coatings, and high performance adhesives.

Davis Medical has developed several products to solve catheter-related bloodstream infections. The product suite includes a solution to protect the catheter ports between uses, a second for protection the connectors during use, and a third f or protection during bathing. With over 300,000 catheter related bloodstream infections happening annually in the United States, Davis Medical’s solution has the potential to reach thousands.

Detection Innovations, Inc. was founded in 2009, has developed a pipeline of disruptive, leading-edge, sensing technologies. They have also designed a modular detection system that offers best-of-class wireless, remote, rapid threat sensing and assessment, hazard detection and screening products. The system responds to market needs by providing all-in-one, easy-to-use, portable, wearable, fixed-point and hand-held commercial-strength sensing products and integrated systems. These systems simultaneously detect multiple threats and provide real-time in-line, local and remote reporting. The technology is applicable for trucking, military, transit, transportation and homeland security needs.

Enviroflight, LLC has developed an insect-based bioconversion process to produce natural proteins (feeds and natural oils) f or the agricultural industry. This system uses larvae of black soldier f lies to transform distiller grains into these high protein feeds and natural oils.

Genesis Defense Technologies, LLC has designed two patent-pending physical security barrier products. One product line is an electric-powered bollard system used f or traffic control, military base entrance barriers, and other facilities needing secured access. The second product line is non-lethal and uses a net-like trap to serve as an access barrier. The company’s products are still in development, although they have made at least one prototype for use by a national defense products distributor. They have completed the initial design f or the non-lethal barrier and are searching f or a demonstration location.

Include Fitness, LLC offers a specialized fitness machine known as Access, which is designed f or ease of use by those with physical limitations or disabilities. The machine is specifically designed to serve wheelchair-bound persons and any person with physical movement, strength or dexterity limitations, including senior citizens. Access is a single-station machine with two arms pivoting from a central tower. Each arm features a cart containing grip handles, which can travel the length of each pivoting arm providing unprecedented variety and customization in one machine. This innovative functionality ensures that any user can achieve a customized, full-body workout.

JibeCast, Inc. was spearheaded in 2009 by Mark Ford, a successful and experienced entrepreneur who has launched several companies including Qwasi, a successful company in the mobile technology space. Jibecast offers a cloud-based service that allows users to easily develop, distribute, and secure customized video content with interactive features including quizzes, surveys, and drop and drag functions. The video management system also provides reports on the level of interaction from its viewer(s), giving clients a deeper understanding of exactly how viewers used the video.

Petbrosia LLC is a pet food company, which combines consumer’s evolving habits & practices, the creation of a strong ecommerce brand, and a unique manufacturing and logistics process. Petbrosia uses proprietary algorithms to determine the best ingredients for dogs and cats, based on their breed, age, weight and medical conditions. Pet owners are asked a series of questions about their pets. Formulas will be altered over time based on new data supplied by pet owners and company data, collected on all pets.

Renegade Materials Corporation was formed by three existing resin and nanomaterial companies to commercialize nano-structure, high-temperature composite materials f or the military and commercial aeropsace market. Using a unique method, Renegade coverts resins and nano-enhanced dispersions to a material called “pre-preg,” which is used to manufacture parts. The materials Renegade produces are non-carcinogenic and highly cost-effective.

SCADA Security Innovation, LLC is a spin-off of Security Innovation, a security and cryptography company. The company is developing software protection systems for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) infrastructure. It will initially focus on newer controllers running the Windows operating system (CE/Embedded/Mobile) and leverage technology development at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) called ESCAPE, a sophisticated code signing mechanism. ESCAPE is unique and is particularly well suited to be embedded into systems which tend to rely on specific, static configurations to operate.

Scientific Simulation Systems, Inc. has developed a suite of advanced computer modeling and simulation software packages. These software packages address a range of computational materials science and engineering needs in a number of target markets including research, development, engineering and manufacturing across a broad range of industrial, academic and government applications.

TDC Group, Inc. provides mapping and location software for web and wireless devices focusing on infrastructure mapping and mobile monitoring. The company has developed software, called Freeance Mobile, which remotely connects smartphone devices with GPS data. The software's applications include: mapping of hazardous spills, providing inventory of assets, and seeing crime events by time and location.

Text Pride specializes in developing emoticons, symbols used primarily in mobile messaging to visually express emotions or popular symbols and brand logos. It is a digital merchandising company with a turn-key solution that brings users and the brands they love closer together through mobile content.

Van Hoose Associates, Inc. provides business process automation software. It has developed a patented software f or capturing business processes and facilitating document routing, communication, and management.

Zia Systems, Inc. has developed a patented real time location systems using RFID and web-based operating and reporting systems that monitors and tracks data. The company has had success in the sewer pipe renewal industry and is currently exploring additional markets.


Exited DRSF Portfolio Companies


Acclimate Technologies, Inc. has developed a business-to-business (B2B) supply chain management software system that allows businesses to electronically exchange data with trading partners and communicate in real time. More than 20 companies currently use the Acclimate SimplicIT software suite to conduct business electronically by moving data in and out of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, which is, in turn, electronically exchanged with the customers and suppliers of the SimplicIT user.

Dermsurg Scientific, LLC started in 2009 by dermatology resident, Dr. Keoni Nguyen. Dermsurg designs and manufactures a medical surgery training tool in Centerville, Ohio. The company has created a novel interactive high-fidelity cutaneous surgical model, nicknamed "II Duomo," for use in surgical training. II Duomo resembles a human head and is designed with multiple imitation tumors, nerves, and even blood that lies beneath or on the surface of the human-like skin, giving dermatology students a more realistic way to practice surgical procedures.

Grid Sentry, LLC has developed a prototype, non-invasive sensor that can monitor conditions on electrical transmission lines from sub-stations to the home or business. The technology was originally developed at Defense Research Associates, Inc., a Dayton-based defense research contractor, and was licensed to Grid Sentry.

NanoSperse, LLC manufactures nano-enhanced dispersions for aerospace and industrial uses. The company specializes in uniform dispersion of nano-materials used as feedstocks for advanced composites, using a technology licensed from the University of Dayton Research Instritute (UDRI).

NovoSource, LLC manufactures and supplies private label orthopedic implants to a variety of healthcare providers, f or joint replacement and reconstruction for knees and hips.

Pallas Systems, LLC has developed a multi-f unction synthetic test instrument designed to reduce the workload and errors of field service technicians, primarily in the aerospace market. The instrument’s computer like f unction and integrated software supply immediate results f or field workers, all on a single piece of equipment.

qfuzion is a joint-venture formed through Cornerstone Research Group (CRG) and Integument, Inc. The company has developed a unique nano-infusion process that can be automated by QFuzion's patented equipment. Its unique nano-infusion process allows for compounds to be inserted into a polymer while retaining the properties of the nano-material and the original polymer.

Spintech Ventures, LLC is commercializing two product lines, Smart Tooling and Gemini Materials, based on patented shape memory polymer technology called Veriflex®. The technology dramatically reduces the cost f or production of complex composite parts.

WebCore Technologies, LLC a composite materials company with a patented technology for producing TYCOR fiber reinforced core products for a variety of applications, but not limited to: wind energy turbine blades, truck and trailer bodies, rail car floors, and jet engine components.

X-Spine, Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells implanted devices and associated instrumentation for spinal surgery. The company has developed six product lines consisting of various fusion plates, rods, and pedicle screws.


In addition, Accelerant has launched a new fund, Accelerant Fund I (AFI), to invest in another 20-30 new start-ups in the region.  More information about AFI is available here